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JASAL Journal Volume 1, Issue 1 (June 2020)

JASAL Journal Volume 1, Issue 2 (December 2020)

JASAL Journal Volume 2, Issue 1(June 2021)

JASAL Journal Volume 2, Issue 2 (December 2021)

JASAL Journal Volume 3, Issue 1 (June 2022)

JASAL Journal Volume 3, Issue 2: Due for publication in December 2022

JASAL Journal Volume 4, Issue 1 will be guest edited by Satoko Watkins, Emily Marzin, and Daniel Hooper and is scheduled for June 2023, with a submission deadline of February 28, 2023. The theme of this issue will be accessibility and inclusivity in self-access, but we will consider all proposals related to self-access language learning. Feel free to make enquiries to the editorial team by email if you are considering whether to submit a paper.

JASAL Journal (ISSN 2435-3884) is an online, open access, peer-reviewed, bi-annual publication for those interested in the field of self-access language learning and deals with the entire range of issues related to self-access learning, including but not limited to:

  • the theoretical underpinnings of self-access learning
  • learner autonomy
  • advising in language learning
  • real and virtual learning spaces
  • the management of self-access centers, writing centers and conversation lounges
  • the role of new technologies in self-access learning
  • learner self-regulation
  • development of learner skills
  • motivation and self-access

JASAL Journalは自律言語学習に関する分野に興味のある方のための査読付き電子ジャーナルです。本誌は年2回発刊され、インターネットを通じて誰でも自由に閲覧することができます。掲載論文は自律学習に関するもので、次の分野やテーマを含みますが、これらに限定はされません。

  • 自律学習の理論的支柱
  • 学習者の自律性(学習者オートノミー)
  • 言語学習アドバイジング
  • ラーニングスペース
  • セルフ・アクセス・センターやライティング・センター、ラウンジなどの運営
  • 自律学習におけるテクノロジーの役割
  • 学習者の自己調整
  • 自律学習スキルの発達
  • モチベーションと自律学習

Advisory Board 諮問委員会
Jo Mynard (Kanda University of International Studies, Japan)
Garold Murray (formerly of Okayama University, Japan)
Hayo Reinders (Anaheim University, USA)
Katherine Thornton (Otemon Gakuin University, Japan)

Editorial Board 編集委員会
Daniel Hooper (Hakuoh University, Japan)
Mutsumi Kawasaki (Gifu University, Japan)
Joe Tomei (Kumamoto Gakuen University, Japan)
Naomi Fujishima (Okayama University, Japan)
Clair Taylor (Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University, Japan)
Katherine Thornton (Otemon Gakuin University, Japan)

Editorial Team 
Mutsumi Kawasaki (Gifu University, Japan)
Danielle Fischer (formerly of Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan)
David Barker (Gifu University, Japan)
Joe Tomei (Kumamoto Gakuen University, Japan)
Elizabeth Schlingman Motomura (Konan Women’s University, Japan)
Nicholas Carr (University of Electro-Communications, Japan)
Clair Taylor (Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University, Japan)
Bethan Kushida (Kanda University of International Studies, Japan)
Yukari Rutson-Griffiths (Hiroshima Bunkyo University, Japan)

Review Board   査読者 
Review Board 

Reviewer mentoring  査読者メンタリング
JASAL Journal has a reviewer mentoring system. If you are interested in becoming a reviewer for JASAL Journal, please email: jasaljournal@gmail.com
JASAL Journalは査読者を育成するメンタリング制度を設けています。ジャーナルの査読者に興味のある方は、jasaljournalATgmail.comまでメールでご連絡ください。

Open access commitment オープンアクセス(OA)コミットメント
The authors retain copyright over their work under a Creative Commons 3.0 agreement and may submit it for publication elsewhere if first publication in JASAL Journal is acknowledged. JASAL Journal retains the right to publish the journal in multiple formats to maximise exposure.

Submissions 投稿について
Only JASAL members can submit to JASAL Journal. (It is free to join JASAL and there is no annual membership fee. If you wish to join, please email jasalorgATgmail.com with the following information: Name, affiliation, name of SAC/LLS if applicable, and reason for interest in joining JASAL.)

Submissions for 3(1) are now closed.

JASAL Journal 3(2), will be a joint issue co-edited with JASAL’s American sister organization, the International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT). The editor and guest editors for this Special Issue are Betsy Lavolette (IALLT/JASAL), Daniel Hooper (JASAL), and Angelika Kraemer (IALLT). Please see the Call for Proposals. The deadline for abstracts is May 15, 2022.

Please read our submissions guidelines for more details.

Publication ethics statement  出版倫理規定
Please read our publications ethics statement.

Enquiries: jasaljournalATgmail.com