JASAL Journal 3(2)

Volume 3, Issue 2

December 2022

Edited by Daniel Hooper, Elizabeth Lavolette & Angelika Kraemer

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International Perspectives on Language Spaces

by Elizabeth Lavolette, Angelika Kraemer, and Daniel Hooper (pp. 1–3)

Perspectives on Self-Access in Japan Based on a Typology and a Thematic Analysis of the Literature

by Jo Mynard (pp. 4–21)

Introduction to US Language Centers and Their Relevance for SALCs in Japan

by Angelika Kraemer and Elizabeth Lavolette (pp. 22–32)

Happy to Help: Reflections on Learning Advisors’ Emotions

by Emily Marzin, Christine Pemberton, and Sina Takada (pp. 33–41)

Exploring the Collective Aspects of Perezhivanie Through Classroom-Based Peer Advising Sessions

by Ryo Moriya (pp. 42–65)

Fostering Language Learners’ Intercultural Sensitivity Through a Self-Access Module and Telecollaborative Exchanges (US – Japan)

by Joe Terantino (pp. 66–85)

Initiating Meaningful Social Interactions in a High-Immersion Self-Access Language Learning Space 

by Kristi Jauregi-Ondarra, Maria Christoforou, and Dimitrios Boglou (pp. 86–102)

The Harvard Language Exchange: The Case for “Local” Virtual Language Learning Communities

by Mary DiSalvo and Andrew Ross (pp. 103–114)