LLS Registry

The Japan Language Learning Spaces (LLS) Registry is a simple database of Self-Access Centres, and related spaces such as Social Learning Spaces and Communication Lounges around Japan. It is free to add your Centre to the Registry, and you do not have to be a JASAL member to do so.

The goal of the Japan LLS Registry is to have an entry for every language learning space in the country. We think it’s important to know what centres are out there, and to be able to contact each other to share information and resources, conduct research, etc. We have a lot to learn from each other.

The Registry is a Google Docs spreadsheet with a Google Docs form linked to it. Form entries are automatically added to the spreadsheet, which is sorted alphabetically by the second column, “School Name in English”. Both documents are publicly accessible. We have kept the registry quite simple to ensure ease of use.

Please click here to add your centre to the Japan Language Learning Spaces Registry.

Click here to go to the Japan Language Learning Spaces Registry.

Any feedback on the registry is welcome anytime. Please e-mail jasalorg@gmail.com or to any Executive Committee members.


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