The Japan Association for Self-Access Learning (JASAL) is non-profit professional organization devoted to promoting self-access language learning in Japan. We aim to provide a forum for our members to disseminate knowledge and share ideas about self-access language learning, running self-access centres and developing learner autonomy. At JASAL, we offer opportunities for professional development and networking, as well as offering our members practical help and support for self-access related projects.

The organization was founded in June 2005 by Garold Murray and Lucy Cooker, and now has over 350 members. The Executive Committee is made up of a president, publicity chair, events coordinator, and membership chair, elected by the membership, who serve for a 4-year term. Details of the current committee are given below. You can also see the members of the Executive Committee since JASAL’s inauguration here. Here are the Achievements of 2011-2015.

Main activities

1) Conference events 
From 2006-2014, JASAL organized a Forum devoted to self access, language advising and learner autonomy at the national JALT conference. In 2015, JASAL organized its first stand-alone conference, JASAL 10th Anniversary Conference. JASAL will continue to organize conference events in the future, and members are invited to present their research and practices through presentations, posters and discussion.

We also support other self-access events, such as student conferences and regional self-access related get-togethers.

2)  Japan Self-Access Centre Registry
JASAL has set up a Registry of SACs in Japan which aims to provide a central database with basic information about the different centres in Japan, to facilitate communication and research activities between centres. It is our aim to have every SAC in Japan represented. You can see the registry here, and register your own centre by completing this simple form. You do not need to be a JASAL member to register a SAC.

3)  Website
This website is a hub of information for members and non-members alike. We provide information about JASAL, links to publications and resources, and details about upcoming events organized by JASAL. Through our Conference pages we also provide information, including abstracts, summaries and slides/pdfs on previous JASAL presentations and events.

4)  Discussion Group
JASAL also has a members-only discussion group (run through yahoogroups) designed to facilitate communication on self-access issues. Members will receive invitations to join. If you are a current member but do not yet have access to the group, please send an email to jasal-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Interested in joining JASAL?

Self access and language learner autonomy is an expanding field in Japan and across the world. At JASAL we hope to help both experienced professionals and those new to the field to make connections and develop their practice. Why not join us?  It’s free to become a member. Just send an email to (jasalorgATgmail.com) with the following information:

Name, contact email address, affiliation (and name of SAC if applicable), institutional postal address.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our future events, or online in the discussion group.

The Executive Committee

IMG_3819 (2)


Hisako Yamashita, Konan Women’s University (President)





Clair Taylor, Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University (Publicity Chair)




Andy Tweed, Meijo University (Events Coordinator)





Katherine Thornton, Otemon Gakuin University (Membership Chair)




Contact Us
If you would like to get in contact with the JASAL committee, please do so via email to the following address: jasalorgATgmail.com


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