JASAL Forum: Open Discussion on Self-Access Learning in Practice at ILA 2018

On Thursday 6th September, 2018 we held a symposium entitiled “Open Discussion on Self-Access Learning in Practice” at the ILA indepdent Learning Association Conference 2018 at Konan Women’s University.

The session had two parts. First, we chose topics of interest and formed small groups. We then used enta-kun (round boards, balanced on our laps) to write notes on our topic, along with questons. These, and the responses we got as we rotated the boards, stimulated rich discussions. We reported back on these discussions to the whole group. Hisako Yamashita facilitated the activity.

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In the second part of our symposium, three international panelists were invited to the front, and we asked them questions. Our panelists were (left to right) María de la Paz Adelia Peña Clavel, from UNAM in Mexico; Maria Giovanna Tassinari, working in Berlin, Germany; and Kerstin Dofs from the Ara Institute of Canterbury. Katherine Thornton faciltated the discussion.


symposium panel.jpg
International panelists