JASAL Journal 3(1)

Volume 3, Issue 1

July 2022

Edited by John Augeri

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New Spaces: Between Challenges and Opportunities

by John Augeri (pp. 1–3)

Lessons Learned From the COVID Era

Research Papers

By Elizabeth Lavolette (pp. 4–19)

By Kayoko Horai (pp. 20–32)

Conference Report

By Clair Taylor, Katherine Thornton, Isra Wongsarnpigoon, and Stacey Vye (pp. 33–46)

Physical and Functional Design of Spaces

Discussions of Practice Paper

By Clair Taylor and Jun Nagao (pp. 47–63)

Research Paper

By Hiro Mitsuo Hayashi, Rosli Nehlah, Daniel Young, and Bartosz Wolanski (pp. 64–78)

Pedagogic Approaches

Research Papers

By Mizuki Mori and Akiko Nakayama (pp. 79–95)

By Adam Garnica and Ramon Mislang (pp. 96–120)

Discussions of Practice Paper

By Robert Remmerswaal (pp. 121–135)

Conference Reports

By Yuri Imamura (pp. 136–140)

By Kae Tsuchiya (pp. 141–148)