Announcement: Student Conference In February 2013

JASAL is proud to support the first ever student conference for Student Involvement in Self Access Centers in Japan, organised by students and staff at Sugiyama Jogakuen University in Nagoya, in association with Nanzan University and JASAL. It will take place in February in Nagoya, and is targetted primarily at students, (although teachers, learning advisors and managers are also encouraged to attend and support their students at the event). For more details, click here.

We hope to see many JASAL members there, supporting their students as they present and share their ideas!SISAC Conference Flyer

Add your Centre to the Japan Self-Access Centre Registry!

The field of self-access in Japan is a diverse one, with centres set in a variety of contexts serving a variety of communities, and new centres of all shapes and sizes popping up all the time.

One of our central missions at JASAL is to facilitate communication between centres. To this end, we have created the Japan Self-Access Centre Registry. Our goal is to have an entry for every self-access centre in the country. We need to know what centres are out there, and we need to be able to contact each other to share information and resources, conduct research, etc. We have a lot to learn from each other.

The registry is a Google Docs spreadsheet with a Google Docs form linked to it. Form entries are automatically added to the spreadsheet, which is sorted alphabetically by the second column, “School Name in English”. Both documents are publicly accessible. We have kept the registry quite simple to ensure ease of use.

Please click here to add your centre to the registry!

Click here to view the Japan Self-Access Centre Registry!

We invite anyone connected to a self-access centre in Japan (JASAL member or not) to make an entry for their centre.

Any feedback on the registry is welcome anytime. Please e-mail or any of the Executive Committee members.

Welcoming University of Tokushima SAC

Now we have added a new SAC to our list.
Please see their video clip here or under “Self-Access and Advising Links.”

Here is the message from our new member Steve:

Hi JASAL Committee,

I am Steve from the University of Tokushima. From July of 2008, we have
started our own SAC. Gradually we have been getting bigger, and we have
been looking for others to share ideas etc. I had not known about JASAL,
and have stumbled upon in while surfing the net and coming across the
SiSAL Journal. I hope we can join the conversation.
Looking forward to hearing from you,

SiSAL Journal available online!

Hello JASAL members!

Our member, Jo Mynard let us know that the first issue of SiSAL Journal is now available online!

SiSAL, Studies in Self-Access Learning Journal (ISSN 2185-3762) is a new peer-reviewed, quarterly online journal that features articles, summaries, perspectives, works in progress and reports related to self-access learning and out-of-class support for students. SiSAL Started life as a modest project at Kanda University of International studies in Japan, but due to expressed interest from beyond KUIS, SiSAL will now be launched as an international publication. The first issue (full text) can viewed at http://sisaljournal.orgThe editorial team is now accepting submissions for upcoming issues. The September issue (deadline August 25th) will have the theme of “materials and activities” and the December issue (deadline November 1st) will have the theme “motivation and beliefs”. Please see the website for more details.



We have created a new section on our website called RESOURCES.
Here, with everyone’s help, we would like to build up a bank of resources that can be useful to all of us!

Especially for members who are in the planning stage or who are in the process of establishing a SAC/advising service, others’ experiences can become a great support and a great role model.
Members who are already operating SAC / advising service for a while can learn new ideas from others’ experiences, too.

A great appreciation to Mr. Andre Parsons from Hokkaido University of Education! You can view documents that he actually used in the process of establishing a SAC including SAC survey, SAC floor plan, SAC Assistant responsibilities, and SAC material list.

This Resource section can only grow as a result of our members’ contributions!
All JASAL members will appreciate your contribution!
Contribution can be anything – SAC floor plan, material list, staff roles, software list, presentation documents, photos, reading list for administrators and staff, initial surveys, evaluation surveys, etc!
To share your documents and help build up our resource bank, please contact Hisako Yamashita at !

Thank you!