We have created a new section on our website called RESOURCES.
Here, with everyone’s help, we would like to build up a bank of resources that can be useful to all of us!

Especially for members who are in the planning stage or who are in the process of establishing a SAC/advising service, others’ experiences can become a great support and a great role model.
Members who are already operating SAC / advising service for a while can learn new ideas from others’ experiences, too.

A great appreciation to Mr. Andre Parsons from Hokkaido University of Education! You can view documents that he actually used in the process of establishing a SAC including SAC survey, SAC floor plan, SAC Assistant responsibilities, and SAC material list.

This Resource section can only grow as a result of our members’ contributions!
All JASAL members will appreciate your contribution!
Contribution can be anything – SAC floor plan, material list, staff roles, software list, presentation documents, photos, reading list for administrators and staff, initial surveys, evaluation surveys, etc!
To share your documents and help build up our resource bank, please contact Hisako Yamashita at !

Thank you!