Welcoming University of Tokushima SAC

Now we have added a new SAC to our list.
Please see their video clip here or under “Self-Access and Advising Links.”

Here is the message from our new member Steve:

Hi JASAL Committee,

I am Steve from the University of Tokushima. From July of 2008, we have
started our own SAC. Gradually we have been getting bigger, and we have
been looking for others to share ideas etc. I had not known about JASAL,
and have stumbled upon in while surfing the net and coming across the
SiSAL Journal. I hope we can join the conversation.
Looking forward to hearing from you,


One thought on “Welcoming University of Tokushima SAC

  1. Hi Steve,

    Welcome to JASAL! Congratulations on the opening of your SAC. Starting small and expanding seem to the pattern most institutions follow.

    If you are planning on attending the JALT conference in the Fall, please come to the JASAL Forum.

    Best wishes,


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