Extended Call for Papers on Learning Spaces

We have already received a number of excellent submissions for issue 3.1 of JASAL Journal. However, we would like to extend the call for papers to March 28th for any research or practice papers which specifically focus on the JASAL2021 national conference theme: “Post-Pandemic Perspectives on Learning Spaces: Challenges, Opportunities, and Stakes” 

Our guest editor for this issue is Dr John Augeri, an expert on learning space design, and we are very much hoping that “Learning Spaces” can be a central theme in this issue, making the most of John’s expertise.

If you would like to contribute a paper on this theme, there are two options:

  1. Research paper (3000–5000 words in English or 6000–10000 characters in Japanese) giving details of a research project conducted on the topic of learning spaces
  2. Discussion of self-access practices (2000–2500 words in English, 4000–5000 characters in Japanese) detailing your space design and its underlying principles. These can be new or existing designs, including how your spaces have responded/adapted to the pandemic 

See the JASAL Journal website page for the style guide and formatting details. 


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