Call for SAC Tours

Call for SAC Tours

SAC tours is one of the great learning opportunities for JASAL members as you will be able to see a live SAC in operation in institution other than yours and to discuss various issues with participants from different institutions. We receive lots of good feedback from members who host the tour, as the tour and discussion session becomes the opportunity for them to get inputs and new ideas from participants. SAC tours always come with a discussion session where members get help and ideas from each other about the operation of their language learning spaces, in integrating it into curriculum, about student involvement, staffing or on any other matters related to self-access learning or other services such as advising.If you are interested in hosting a SAC tour, either this year or in coming years, please register your interest here. There is no commitment necessary at this point. We would like to know the extent of our members’ interest in hosting a SAC Tour. Our preliminary deadline is June 10.


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