Greetings from the Editorial Board

Mutsumi Kawasaki, Gifu University, Japan

Joe Tomei, Kumamoto Gakuen University, Japan

Naomi Fujishima, Okayama University, Japan

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Japan Association of Self-Access Learning (JASAL) Journal, for which we are honored to have Katherine Thornton and Garold Murray as guest editors. Katherine Thornton was the JASAL president from 2011–2016 and currently serves on the Executive Board as events coordinator. She is the programme director at E-CO (English Cafe at Otemon) Self-Access Center at Otemon Gakuin University, and a regular column editor of Studies in Self-Access Learning (SiSAL) Journal. Garold Murray founded JASAL with Lucy Cooker in 2005 and was president from 2005–2010. He has also served as convener of the AILA Research Network on Learner Autonomy in Language Learning (2005–2011). He has extensive experience of establishing, managing, and researching self-access centers in Japan, and he has edited several books in the field. Together, their extensive knowledge and expertise have helped this journal get off to the firmest and strongest possible start.

The launch of this journal is a significant event for JASAL, and we hope you are as excited as we are to see the first issue published. The editorial board would like to thank the editorial team, the authors, the reviewers, and everyone else who has helped in the various stages of the production process. 

We anticipate that this journal will be a great resource for advancing the development of self-access language learning in Japan and beyond. We look forward to receiving your submissions for future issues. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

日本自律学習学会(JASAL)ジャーナルの創刊号をお届けします。この度は、Katherine ThorntonとGarold Murrayをゲストエディターとして迎えられたことを光栄に思います。Katherine Thorntonは、2011年から2016年まで本学会の会長を務め、現在はイベント・コーディネーターとして執行委員会に属しています。追手門学院大学にあるセルフ・アクセスセンター(E-CO)のブログラム・ディレクターであり、SiSAL Journalのコラムエディターでもあります。Garold Murrayは2005年にLucy Cookerと共にJASALを立ち上げ、2005年から2010年の間、会長を務めました。また、AILA Research Network on Learner Autonomy in Language Learningの主催者でもあります。日本のセルフ・アクセス・センターにおける幅広い知識と経験を持ちながら、この分野に関する書籍の編集もされています。この2人のゲストエディターの広範な知識と深い専門性によって、ジャーナルの順調なスタートを切ることができました。



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