Student Involvement in Self Access Centers Conference

When: 1st & 2nd February, 2013

Where: Nanzan University Kenshu Centre, Nagoya

Who: Any students involved in Self Access in Japan (and their teachers/advisors)

Sugiyama Jogakuen University in Nagoya, in association with Nanzan University and JASAL, is proud to report that the first ever conference for students involved in self access centres in Japan was a great success. This conference was almost entirely run BY students (the conference committee is made up of students) FOR students, and we feel that this unique energy made it a very special event for everyone involved.

SiSAC Group Photo

View the original  SiSAC Conference Information flyer here

The Conference Programme can be viewed here and downloaded below:

SISAC Conference Programme

SISAC Conference Reports

A publication from the conference, the SISAC Conference Reports was published in October 2013. It contains reports and reflections from 5 student groups who attended and presented at the conference, and an introduction from the editor, Vick Ssali, along with some contributions from the conference organisers, Umida Ashurova, Katherine Thornton & Robert Croker. Download your copy here:

SISAC Conference Reports

Thank you to everyone who participated in this amazing conference – students and staff alike. Sugiyama students impressed everyone with their excellent organisation, and the day was full of inspiring presentations from students from 8 different institutions across Japan. The following is a message from our Conference Chair, 4th year student Risa Hayashi.

 “As Conference Chair of Student Involvement in Self-Access Center
Conference, let me thank each and all of you for showing a big
interest and participating in our event.

 “Many teachers gave us such comments as for the conference, “This is
the best conference ever!”, or “I cannot wait to realize the ideas I
have got today!” As you can see, the student conference and your
sincere opinions and efforts brought aspiration and motivation to many
teachers. I am very proud of the effectiveness of our conference and
expect that we will have more efficient self-access centers
cooperating all around Japan. And, remember, YOU are the one who
should be proud of it most.

 “In our presentation, I spoke about the importance of picking up as
many leaves as we can in an autumn garden. We students and teachers
have a common goal of developing our centers, and all of us picked up
many ideas by listening to different presentations. This means we are
ready to go beyond our scope, i.e. to universe and challenge new
things. I hope new challenges will bring us all
precious experiences and unforgettable memories. As you all know well,
activities outside the classroom can be a great opportunity for us
students to develop not only our language skills but also our outlook
and personality. I hope all of us will succeed in growing trees using
the leaves we picked up this weekend, and find out our future selves
or future self-access centers through realization of new ideas.

 “We are planning to publish our conference report, so please send us your presentation
summary or comments regarding other presentations and the conference
in general to:
It is a great chance for you to convey your ideas to public, and to
share your ideas in writing in case you couldn’t convey your thoughts
orally in presentations. Don’t miss the chance!

  “Thank you for reading my long message. I strongly believe that
“Student self-access Network” beyond universities in Japan has just
started and has a long and bright future ahead of itself.”

We would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for providing support for the conference, either in the form of a contribution to the conference organisers, or from universities by providing funds for their students to attend the conference. Without your generous contributions it could not have taken place.

Sugiyama Jogakuen University
Kanda University of International Studies
Konan Women’s University
Cesars International
David Barker from Back To Basics Press
Steve Brown
Robert Croker
Umida Ashurova
All funding received went towards the conference facilities at Nanzan Kenshu Centre and to facilitate student participation through providing stipends for transportation and accommodation, and covering student meal costs over the conference weekend.

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