JALT 2008 Tokyo

JASAL Forum at the JALT 2008 Conference

Interweaving Self-Access and Classroom Language Learning

In this forum educators describe how self-access language learning has been interwoven into language courses and programs at their universities.

Herman Bartelen, Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages, outlines the various ways in which self-access language learning has been integrated into the curriculum since the inception of the Independent Learning Center in 1995.

Scott Crowe describes the First Steps Module (FSM), a non-classroom based self-access learning course offered in the Self-Access Learning Centre (SALC) at Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS).

Howard Doyle, Kochi University, offers suggestions for how self-access learning might be integrated into programs based on a diagnostic analysis of writing by Japanese EFL learners in which they outline ways of learning English outside of class within their own environments.

Juanita Heigham and Shannon Kiyokawa, Sugiyama Jogakuen University, explain how a course in self-access learning was transformed into a homework component.

Daniel Sasaki, Malcolm Daugherty, and Yukiko Ishikawa outline how programs at the World Language Center have been incorporated into the curriculum at Soka University.

Luke Carson, KUIS, discusses the possible advantages of supporting self-access learning with more traditional classroom learning.

Hamish Gillies and Caleb Foale explore how their research into first-year students’ learning strategies can inform the integration of classroom and self-access curricula.

Richard Allen, KUIS, introduces and evaluates an in-house self-access materials development process which aims to develop links between the classroom and SALC.

The presentations will be followed by a discussion period which will enable the audience to ask questions and to make comments.


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