JALT 2007 Tokyo

JASAL Forum at JALT 2007 Conference

A JASAL Forum, entitled Self-Access Learning: Challenging Assumptions, was held at the JALT 2007 Conference, Tokyo, on November 25, 2007. In this forum educators challenged accepted notions in the area of self-access language learning and the field of EFL.

Juanita Heigham, Sugiyama Jogakuen University, jheigham@sugiyama-u.ac.jp
Promoting change through independent learning
Argued that Japanese students are not intrinsically passive and reports on transformations students have made through participating in independent learning opportunities.

Robert Croker, Nanzan University, robertnanzan@hotmail.com
Self-access learning: resource-light, activity-heavy
Explored the assumption that self-access centers require expensive equipment and materials by describing  a “resource-light, activity-heavy” center in which the students themselves are the primary resource.

Ann Mayeda, Osaka Shoin Women’s University, ann.mayeda@gmail.com
Working together: the development of a self-access center
Challenged the assumption that part-time teachers cannot initiate change through a discussion of her role in setting up a self-access center.

Garold Murray, Akita International University, garold-murray@aiu.ac.jp
Challenging the social representation of “the language teacher”
Examined how the commonly held assumptions about the role and identity of the language teacher are problematic in the area of self-access language learning.

Lucy Cooker, Kanda University of International Studies, lucycooker@gmail.com
Assessing self-access learning – challenging the status quo
Questioned how learning in self-access environments is assessed, and argues for a more learner-generated model of assessment.

Q & A

The forum concluded with a brief question period.


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