Transportation to JASAL2022

If you have booked a spot on the charter bus to attend JASAL2022 at AIU on Saturday, please board the bus from Bus Stop 5 on the EAST side of Akita Station – see map below. Please note, this is NOT the West side where there is a bigger bus terminal. The bus will leave at 9am so please arrive in good time. There are still a few spaces available on the bus.

If you do not intend to take the bus, and will travel by public transport, please note that you need to be on the 08:09 train to Wada station from Akita, to pick up the 08:35 bus that will take you to AIU.

After the conference, we will get the 18:35 local bus to Wada station to return to Akita. Please note that this is the last bus of the day so please make sure to take it if you want to avoid getting a taxi.

For those coming straight from the airport, you may be able to share a taxi with other JASAL participants. There is a natural meeting place by the Namahage masks in the airport lobby. A taxi should cost around ¥2000.


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