The 2nd JASAL Student Online Forum

The 2nd JASAL Student Online Forum: Call for Participation

Bringing Fun & Community Back

with Guest Speaker Jackson Lee (Toyo University)

Saturday, February 6th, 2021, 14:00~16:00 (Online)

Many participants from our successful JASAL Student Conference (October 2019) and Student Online Forum 2020 (July 2020), showed strong interest in joining future opportunities to meet student staff from other universities. Hearing such enthusiasm and passion from both the students and teachers, JASAL decided to hold our 2nd JASAL Student Online Forum this academic year (on February 6, 2021) to share ideas, or to perhaps plan a collaboration project.

The theme of this Student Forum (online) will be “Bringing Fun & Community Back”. While many SACs offer only online services, some universities have moved into a hybrid SAC. How can student staff initiate and support activities either online, hybrid, or in person SAC? What can student staff do when events cannot be offered in their SAC? In this Forum, we will also have a Feature Talk which will inspire you to engage in your language learning and in your roles as student staff members.

This time, we’d like the students to take the lead in planning and running this online student forum. A student leader will plan the Forum with other student leaders and run the Forum. Please note that only 1 student can participate as a leader per institution.

Please register using the form here​.
Apply to become Student Leader​: Deadline to apply CLOSED
Attend as Regular Participant​: Deadline to register extended to Friday, January 29th, 2021
Whether you’d like to participate as simply as a participant or both as a participant and a leader, we are looking forward to your active participation!

*Please note that if you are a teacher/administrative staff and would like to attend, you will have an opportunity to observe the forum for a short period of time, but since it is a student forum, most of the time, we will provide a separate space for your discussions to take place.

Hisako Yamashita JASAL Student Involvement Coordinator

Download this Call for Participation (PDF)