Let’s share our experience and support members who are planning to establish a self-access center! Here are some useful resources for those who are planning, or thinking about setting up a self-access center. Following are documents contributed by JASAL members.

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Hokkaido University of Education SAC
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-SAC Survey
-SAC Floor Plan
-SAC Assistant Responsibilities
-SAC Material List
Contributor: Andre Parsons


Setting up a self-access center

Involve students
One of the most important things for self-access to be successful is to involve learners in the development of the centre.
1. Involve students in the basics: choosing how the centre should run, the design, the resources available. This could be done on a voluntary or paid basis. (Personally I think voluntary is probably best, at least initially!).
2. Have students work on a committee, either by themselves or together with teachers, choosing resources and equipment for the centre on an on-going basis.
3. Ask students to write reviews of materials to inform other learners of their worth, and post these around the centre.
4. Ask students to produce art works (paintings, photos, etc. ) to decorate the centre.
5. Have learners working behind the counter processing and issuing materials.
6. Form regular clubs: film, book, music, which are run by learners for learners (perhaps with some teacher support initially).
7. Have students actually MAKING learning resources for use in the centre.