Otemon Gakuin University SAC Tour, Monday 10th September, 2018

There will be a tour of the SAC facilities at Otemon Gakuin University, in Osaka, on Monday 10th September. This may appeal to those attending ILA2018, which runs from September 5th to 8th, but is open to all.

JASAL Membership Chair Katherine Thornton and team will show you around E-CO (English Cafe at Otemon) a self-access center set up in 2013.

The tour will start at 1:00pm and will last approximately 90 minutes.

Otemon Gakuin University is in Ibaraki City, Osaka, approximately 50 minutes from the ILA conference site. From the station, there is a free school bus (20 mins). Those interested in this SAC tour should sign up HERE.

Information about E-CO can be found here: https://www.otemon.ac.jp/cis/campus/eco/english.html