JASAL2021 National Conference

Given the continuing uncertainty of the pandemic, we decided to hold our national conference, JASAL2021, online once again. The date was earlier than previous JASAL conferences: Saturday 23rd October, 2021.

The Conference Program, with the schedule and presentation abstracts, can be downloaded here.

Conference Registration Fees
Due to reduced conference costs we were able to offer free participation at JASAL2021, but we asked that presenters pay a small fee to cover basic expenses. 

Presenters: ¥1500 (Undergraduate presenters: ¥0)

Participants: free of charge

JASAL2021’s plenary was given by Dr. John Augeri, of the Île-de-France Digital University, Paris (and a regular research scholar in Japan). John is an expert in Learning Space strategy and design, running an international comparative study since 2016.

Post-Pandemic Perspectives on Learning Spaces: 

Challenges, Opportunities, and Stakes


The redefinition of the learning territory certainly represents the most visible consequence of the paradigm shift Higher Education has been thrown in by the pandemic. The very meaning of a Learning Space, as well as the spatiality and the temporality of the learning act, have been dramatically reconsidered, and significant questions have been progressively raised regarding the role of physical facilities alongside a distance learning that proved its relevance for several activities. The COVID crisis, beyond all its dramatic dimensions, indeed acted as a driver for change for the mindset of a significant part of the faculties, making more realistic than ever the middle and long-term perspective of sustainable hybrid configurations mixing face-to-face and distance modalities. 

In these new models, however, the innovative physical Learning Spaces of all kinds, after months of under or non-use, might find in the post-COVID an unprecedented opportunity in terms of integration into the academic and institutional strategies. New teaching and learning practices, especially highlighted by the pandemic such as the informal and non-formal ones, and student expectations regarding their learning experience, might indeed weigh significantly in the balance between digital and physical learning environments, whose trends, stakes and perspectives will be discussed in this plenary.


Dr. John Augeri is a practitioner and researcher, and Program Director at Ile-de-France Digital University (Paris). His core research activity consists of an international comparative study of innovative physical Learning Spaces he’s running since 2016, and that has led to him giving more than 70 talks in USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Singapore, and Australia about the trends and the perspectives of these new learning environments.

John regularly acts as an advisor for Learning Spaces strategies and assessment for multiple governmental institutions and universities all around the world. He is internationally involved as a reviewer for  journal papers and conference proposals, core member & advisor for several workgroups and professional associations, and acts as juror for several Learning Spaces design awards. He’s regularly published in Europe, Japan and Australia.

He has been invited six times as visiting researcher in Japan, and is currently staying at the Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies of Kyoto University.

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