JASAL Forum at JALT2020

JASAL Forum Participants at JALT2020

JASAL held a 90-minute forum at JALT2020. JALT2020 is the annual conference for the Japan Association for Language Teaching, one of JASAL’s partner organizations. This year, the conference was online.

The forum was called Fostering community in self-access environments and was held on Sunday, November 22, 2020 from 1:25 pm to 2:55 pm.

The three presentations were:

  1. “Examining a community of practice in a self-access environment”

Daniel Hooper, Bethan Kushida, Phoebe Lyon, and Ross Sampson (Kanda University of International Studies)

2. “TA-led study groups as a platform for language learning”

Hiro M. Hayashi and Bartosz Wolanski (Kyushu University)

3. “Building language learner communities across two campuses”

Katherine Thornton (Otemon Gakuin University)

You can find more information in this video.