JASAL SAC Tour & Discussion at English House, Chiba University

On 29th March 2016, 4 JASAL members joined the SAC tour and discussion at the English House at Chiba University hosted by JASAL member Sarah Morikawa and her student assistants who work at the centre.

The tour was very successful with lively discussions afterwards. Here is a message from Sarah:
We would like to thank Yuki and Akiyuki from Kanda University of International Studies, Shinobu from Musashi University and Brian from Konan Women’s University in Kobe for sparing the time to come to the Chiba University SAC visit on the 29th March.
We started with a short introduction of English House and a tour/explanation of the English Lounge by Syed, Robert and Mohit, who are some of the student assistants who work at our centre. There was then a tour of the English Support Centre on the second floor, followed by a discussion on what has been going well at our SACs, any problems faced by the participants and suggestions for solutions to these problems. We covered a range of topics including student assistants, media, student activities, measurement of “success” and collaboration with teaching staff. Overall, it was a very useful discussion. Thank you again to everyone.

Chiba Uni SAC visit

Thank you Sarah for hosting a JASAL SAC tour! If your institution would like to host a JASAL SAC tour, please send an email to jasalorg@gmail.com. They usually attract a small group (less than 10) of members and take minimal preparation, but can be very productive in terms of sharing ideas and getting inspiration.