CALL FOR PAPERS: JASAL Forum at the JALT 2010 conference

for the JASAL Forum at the JALT 2010 conference
November 19-22, Aichi Industry and Labor Center, Nagoya

Self-Access Learning: Thinking Outside the Box 

To be involved in self-access language learning means not only thinking but being outside the box! In keeping with the theme of the JALT 2010 conference, the JASAL forum will focus on creativity in self-access language learning. Presentations might touch on one of the following topics:

  • Creative approaches to learner problems (advising)
  • Creative SAC layouts
  • Creative self-access learning programme design
  • Creative ways of gaining support from colleagues and administrators
  • Creative ways to make less (time, money, energy) more
  • Creative means to assess self-access learning
  • Creative ways to support the development of a community of learners
  • Creative research design
  • Creative approaches to man*aging and administrating SACs
  • Creative approaches to self-access materials development 

Those of you interested in showcasing your bold innovative ideas, please submit a proposal which includes the following:

  1. title,
  2. name(s) of presenter(s) and affiliation(s),
  3. your JALT membership number,
  4.  150-200 word abstract,
  5. 75-word summary which clearly states your topic; and
  6. equipment you will require.

 Be sure to follow this order and provide all of the information requested.

Please submit your proposal to Garold Murray and Lucy Cooker  before the deadline: Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

Note that while the JALT deadline for submissions is April 23rd, we need time to put together a proposal. If for some reason, your presentation cannot be included in the JASAL Forum, we will notify you so you can submit your proposal to the conference as an individual paper before the April 23rd deadline.

 For more information on the JALT 2010 conference, please visit the website